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Global best practices show that wine industries around the world play a critical role in their region’s growth, development and success—by attracting visitors, growing the tourism economy, and accelerating economic gains and job creation. The Niagara cluster has a clear and present opportunity to become a flourishing and robust economic region, with world-class wine and tourism that will drive significant economic growth. 

The opportunity to significantly grow the wine industry, adjacent sectors and Ontario’s economy is right in front of us. Now we need enhanced investment and supportive policies—prioritizing domestic industry, incentivizing investment, embedding best global practices—to achieve the level of growth, development and success enjoyed by Kelowna and other leading wine regions around the world. 

It’s time to uncork Ontario by adopting best-in-class standards established by the world’s premier wine regions. Bringing these global best practices and policies to Niagara would generate billions of dollars in economic growth for our region and all of Ontario. 

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